Pork Chop Tries to Open a Container of Catnip

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, March 06, 2009
Our beloved Pork Chop uses all the limbs he has in an attempt to get to his drugs. Watch:

Man, post-production on this took forever! Love it!
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  1. mr jp Said,

    awwww just open the container for Pork Chop already !


  2. Anonymous Said,

    yeah, sadist, I'm calling PETA


  3. JSH Said,

    Poor Pork Chop. You know very well he's begging for help. If only he knew someone with thumbs willing to help.......right Prince?


  4. I'm not sure kicking it is gonna help, buddy.


  5. k. crow Said,

    They always know where kitty crack is hiding.


  6. This is why I put the catnip on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet--otherwise, my kitty would be doing the same as Pork Chop.


  7. Will Said,

    Ha!!!!!! Love it.


  8. quin browne Said,

    i'm not sure if it was anger or irritation, but, with that last look, i'd not put my hand near him.


  9. Pork Chop PR Said,

    Check your Facebook messages ASAP for news on moving ahead Pork Chop's plans for world domination. (Sent u a note about this through your Kontact form but don't think it went through)


  10. that is a sad, sad story


  11. Look, I can't make getting catnip easy for Pork Chop. He loves getting stoned too much. And it gives him the munchies. And he doesn't need any more munchies.


  12. I love the ending shot of his face. You can feel his frustration. Good job.


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