What Is It Like to Work at Mouse-schwitz?

Do you know Trevor Allen? I know Trevor Allen. I went to grad school with Trevor Allen. I've seen several incarnations of Trevor Allen's fantastic solo show, Working for the Mouse, over the years. The show, written and performed by Trevor Allen, is a very funny, surprisingly moving, and juicy "inside" look at what it's like to work at Disneyland and, more specifically, to work as Pluto—while longing to be a "face character," Peter Pan.

Trevor Allen has launched a new website that features text, audio, and video from the show and from his in-progress book adaptation. Trevor Allen has, in effect, created a multimedia extravaganza that's meant to seduce your eyes, ears, and genital area—wait a minute, I'm thinking of another website. But you should learn more about Trevor Allen anyway.

Visit Trevor Allen's Working for the Mouse website here.


  1. Oh yes, there's an academic article on working in Disneyworld! The emotional labour involved, the onstage/offstage personas, the mirrors on the back of the doors as you leave staff areas with 'smile' written over them, putting annoying families to the back of the queue.....always very entertaining to read!

  2. Thought you might like this Spiderman news item from Thailand!


  3. Awesome story! I love how he just happens to have a Spidey suit in his locker!