A Woman Buys a Used Couch and Then Her Boyfriend Finds a Cat Inside It

A woman in Spokane, Washington, plunked down $27 for a used couch, and her boyfriend found a cat hidden inside of it days—days!—later. Fortunately, the woman works in an animal shelter and nursed the stowaway feline back to health.

Pork Chop cannot believe that the cat survived days without food and water. He thinks it is all an elaborate hoax to gain your easy sympathy. Suckers! Watch:

Is the real crime here not knowing the source of meows—or is it that couch?

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[Thanks to Superbadfriend for sending me this.]


  1. Couch: $27. Discovering that the thing scratching at your ass while you watch TV isn't rats and/or an STD: priceless.

  2. Yes, I do not trust couches that are cheaper than a pair of tickets to the Arclight.

  3. The real question is: Would you even PAY $27 for that couch.

    Perhaps if they gave me $27 and I wanted it for my garage...$27 and a free cat, might just get me to do it.