Amazon Disses the Gays, Part 3: Hackeriffic

Jesus Christ. All I wanted to do was post that initial Amazon story and run. But then the company released a statement that I would've been remiss not to report on. And now there are reports of a hacker conspiracy.

A well-known hacker has come forward and claimed the whole thing was his prank.

The hacker, known as Weev, with whom we've had dealings before the "amazonfail" episode, is saying that the whole escapade was the result of his exploitation of a vulnerability in Amazon's product-rating tools.

Read more here.

All right. You have to follow the rest of this story on your own. I'm not a fucking news organization! I post videos of frightened children!

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  1. This story is unfolding way too quickly to follow - but mostly with a lot of misinformation. I'm waiting for the real story to shake out here, though I'm still skeptical of Amazon.