The Apocalypse Is Coming!, Part 2: The Kal Penn Edition

Kal Penn, star of the pot-friendly Harold & Kumar franchise, is now working for Barack Obama! From

Actor Kal Penn is taking a job in the Obama administration as a liaison to Asian-American groups, a White House spokesman said.

The Hollywood star, who appeared in Fox TV’s drama “House” and several movies, is joining the White House Office of Public Liaison as a link to Asian-American and Pacific- Islander communities, spokesman Shin Inouye said....

Penn campaigned for Barack Obama and “got to know the president, the staff,” and indicated an interest in joining the administration, Inouye said in a telephone interview today.

Penn, 31, campaigned for Obama mostly on college campuses. In 2008 the actor, who starred in the movie “The Namesake,” taught a course at the University of Pennsylvania on Asian studies, Inouye said. Penn’s parents emigrated from India.

“It’s not like I’m retiring from acting. I certainly intend to come back at some point,” Penn said, according to the BBC. He said he felt a calling to public service.

The apocalypse is guaranteed now, and I love it!

Read the entire article here.

[Thanks to Paul E. for alerting me to this.]

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  1. Noticed how they never mentioned that he gained popularity from "Harold and Kumar" and also "Van Wilder"? 2 movies bout pot, tits and sex but the oh-so-respectable "Namesake"?


    What a joke.

    Luckily, he's pretty easy on the eyes.