The Bachelor, Bamboo Nation Style

Since we're on the subject of Iowa, did you know that Cosmopolitan has been keeping tabs on that state's hottest bachelors since 2003? Well, it's time to move my sights away from Channing Tatum (who won't return my psychic communications) and hone in on some Iowan man meat. (I don't care if they're straight. The straighter the man, the sweeter the juice—and you can quote me on that.) And you, dear readers, can help me celebrate Iowa's decision to allow gay marriage by choosing which bachelor I should try and woo by taking the handy poll underneath all these luscious pictures (click to engorge, er, I mean, enlarge):

Bachelor #1:

Bachelor #2:

Bachelor #3:

Bachelor #4:

Bachelor #5:

Bachelor #6:

Before you vote, you really should view these bachelors' profiles because I don't want you to vote on looks alone. The ideal Iowan man should have everything! If you know me at all, then you know why I swoon, for example, at Bachelor #1's "Dating deal breaker": "Not being punctual. It drives me nuts!" Oh, be still my beating crotch!

If you cannot see the poll box above, then click here to take the poll.

[Thanks to Gabriel Fleming for alerting me to this.]


  1. oooh it's so between #1 and the one who likes meat way too much!

  2. I thought #3 was the nicest but I can see the attraction of a man who isn't late for everything. If it was up to my straight husband, I'd never get to see the back of a bride.

    In other news:

    Ho gettato un dardo a ti.

    Which means "I threw a dart at you."

    See .