Bamboo Nation in 3-D! Live in Los Angeles!

In case you don't already hold a spot on my exclusive e-mail list, here's a handy alert that was just circulated:

Dear Friends:

What would happen if my blog, BAMBOO NATION, were a three-dimensional entity that could jump up and down and Danza-slap you right across the face? Well, the folks of Occidental College have invited me to answer that question by presenting a live multimedia extravaganza, and those of you who are in the Los Angeles area are invited to sneak onto campus to get a taste of a show that's being road tested for no reason other than I can. This is certainly an experiment in ego stimulation, but that pretty much describes my entire career.



Occidental College/Queer Straight Alliance presents

hosted, written, and performed by

Writer/performer/provocateur PRINCE GOMOLVILAS morphs his acclaimed BAMBOO NATION blog into a unique and innovative live event, featuring the kind of hilarious true stories, fabulous prize giveaways, delightful cat videos (yup, Pork Chop on the big screen!), short films, and shameless attempts at comedy that have made BAMBOO NATION one-stop shopping for all your entertainment needs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8:00 p.m.

Free Admission!

Center for Gender Equity

(Stewart-Cleland Hall)

Occidental College
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Click here for directions to Occidental College.

Parking is free and easy. Options:

Park on the street along Campus Road and use this handy map to get to Stewart-Cleland Hall (#31).

Or use this other handy map to drive onto campus and park in the Pauley Hall parking lot. Then take a short stroll up to Stewart-Cleland Hall (#31).


  1. that sounds like fun, wish i were in la california.

  2. YAY! Good luck dear. Wish I was there too. xoxo