Because Murder Is Funny...?

I'm sure most of you have laughed inappropriately in certain awkward situations, but the news anchor in the following video clip throws all sense of decorum out the fucking window. She uses her report on a grisly murder as the perfect opportunity to laugh uncontrollably, and, goddamn, she cannot stop. Watch:

[Thanks to Scott Heim for sending me this.]


  1. somebody off camera must have been fucking with her - that or the picture of the guy with the bug eyes got her.

  2. I think it was the eyes. It's always the eyes.

  3. No, I totally get why she cracked up, those eyes were totally psycho-Tarantino-nutso and she had to be serious? Then, she laughed because she laughed.

    Maybe it's a girl thing.

    I'm sure she feels horrible about the subject matter, but when you get the giggles at the wrong time terrible things occur.

  4. Newscasters should weep whenever they relay the bad news to the masses.

    Just like they should shit with joy every time a panda is born.

  5. it's the eyes... but, still, chuckling while discussing body parts?

    i bet fox hires her.