When I saw the artwork for the flyers that are being put up around the Occidental College campus, I had to laugh. Mad props to James C. (Am I the fat panda confused by the long rainbow bamboo stick?) Click to enlarge:

While Barack Obama famously began his college career at Occidental, I am more impressed by the fact that shirtless jocks swarm the campus like American Eagle runway models, as I learned when I paid a visit a couple of weeks ago to make technical demands. ("I want a helicopter!" "No.") This is a good school.


  1. Awesome! I love these posters! I'll show James your post right away!

  2. I wish I could be there -- Oxy is my alma mater! Yeah... took me 30 years to graduate, but still, MY SCHOOL IS COOL.

    Break a leg, Prince!

  3. Somehow they got Jake and me a helicopter to fly in on...

  4. Frances4/15/2009

    whooo go James! You should see the poster he made for the magic tournament here at Oxy, it was very pretty.