"The Fast & the Bi-curious"

Funny? Tired? Hot? You decide. Watch:

[Thanks to The Bilerico Project for posting this.]


  1. Still kinda funny, but I feel like there will come a time in the not too distant future where sketches like this won't be. It's sort of their goto bit at this point... "Quick, the sketch is failing! What should we do?!"

    "Wait, yeah, the two male characters that are played by heterosexuals should kiss!"


  2. 1. Brokeback Garage.
    2. I'm more waiting for the day when people aren't amused by this because being bi-curious is completely acceptable and accepted.

  3. Maybe it's cause I'm a 10 year old boy at heart but I thought this was hilarious.

  4. This is bullshit. How come I can't see the video?

  5. It started out funny and then it went on too long. My usual complaint with SNL.