Kitten Does a Handstand on Her Front Paws and Then Walks on Them

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Because of a genetic defect, a kitten named Lola is unable to use her hind legs. But, dammit, she taught herself how to do a walking handstand! Learn from her, people, learn! Watch:

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  1. quin browne Said,

    oh, it is SO sweet!!


  2. Prince you should adopt her. Maybe Pork Chop could get in shape trying to learn to copy her.


  3. Will Said,

    Normally, you pick cute stuff. But that is just terrifying.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    This makes me lose respect for Porkchop. He is such a spoiled POS compared to Lola.


  5. Miss K Said,

    That's just inspiring.


  6. Misty Harris Said,

    Was the Forrest Gump comparison really necessary? Heartless kitteh-hating media bastards.


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