Levi Johnston's Family Feud

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, April 09, 2009
Since breaking up with the Palin family, hottie Levi Johnston is doing the rounds in the media, in order to tell his side of the story. I think he first appeared on the Tyra Banks show, and he just popped up on CBS's Early Show, where he calls Sarah Palin a liar, in his slow, sexy drawl. Watch:

Did you hear that? He's considering modeling and acting! Levi, come over to my house so I can audition you! Please?!
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  1. jterry Said,

    If you want a hot redneck, I can find you a hot redneck, but that boy is not cute.


  2. This is incredibly sad. Poor Levi. I hope they sort it out.

    Rednecks in Alaska?


  3. Sorry, I meant, hot redecks in Alaska?


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