The Life and Times of Pork Chop; or: Pork Chop's Origin Story, Part 8

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, April 27, 2009
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Tipped the Scale
June 8, 2003

The SPCA's Jennifer called yesterday to report that Pork Chop has tipped the scale at two pounds! He's ready to get neutered. (They have to be two pounds in order to take the minimum amount of anesthesia required for the very brief operation, snip snip). He is scheduled to finally come home on Monday. Loren and I sunk over $85 into getting the deluxe 36" kitty suite cat tree, with two levels and cool cubby hole. We also have a slew of innovative, high-end cat toys—everything from a flashing laser ball to catnip-infused bubbles. Loren has made an effort to hide all our Trader Joe's bags because he knows Pork Chop will end up bonding with paper bags more than Petco gadgets.
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  1. 25.4 pounds later...


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