The Life and Times of Pork Chop: Pork Chop's Origin Story, Part 2

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Every superhero has an origin story, and I got such great feedback on Pork Chop's genesis that I decided to dig into the archives to bring you the next part of the story. Enjoy.


His Favorite Spot
May 14, 2003

The kitten saga continues. Robert contacted the woman who is fostering the gray kitten at the SPCA about how I was really interested in adopting it. She e-mailed him back. This is what she has to say about the three kittens that he rescued:

I do have some sad news. We're having a tough battle with these little ones—the orange one, which I had named Leo, was doing too poorly and had to be put to sleep on Saturday. You might have noticed his eyes were crusting more than the others, and it only took a day for it to advance into full blown Upper Respiratory Infection. The others are hanging in there—Aries (the gray) is doing the best, with Gemini (the black and white) still getting sub-q fluids every day, along with being syringe/bottle fed four times a day. Unfortunately, when kittens are this young, they may have not had the chance to get enough immunity from their mother's milk. We feed them milk replacement (KMR), along with high calorie kitten food (A/D), and a glucose/nutrient supplement (Nutrical), which is all you can do, but sometimes that is just not enough. Right now Gemini is sleeping inside my sweater (his favorite spot), and Aries is curled up with one of the other two fosters (who were just that much older and stronger, and are doing very well) in their fuzzy nest by my feet. It would be wonderful if Prince is interested in adopting either kitten—or both would be extra wonderful! It would be best if he could come in as soon as possible, to fill out our adoption form, then I could put him first in line if/when the kittens become ready for adoption. It’s great when someone wants to adopt them and they don't have to go down into the cat ward (avoids them being exposed to more potential illness/fleas down there) and they can get adopted right out of my office! If he'd like to give me a call, I can tell him my hours and he can do the counseling with me.

Robert e-mailing me this is another example of him being evil! How could he send me an e-mail that basically tells me that my cat might die?!

I’ll try posting a photo of the gray kitten later this week. Hopefully, it will still be alive.


  1. i can't wait to see how this turns out... will he get the cat? wont' he?

  2. I love this post, Prince. That is the most adorable photo ever. Eeep!