A Naked Frenchman and His Long Pole [NSFW?]

How do you know the economy is bad? Well, when French pole-vaulting champions who are desperate for sponsorship deals are reduced to running through the streets of Paris naked, then that's a pretty good indicator.

Yes, hot hot hot Romain Mesnil stripped bare, grabbed his long pole, and went jogging in public. While the fact that he caught it all on videotape is perhaps evidence of a higher power, the fact that his floppy bits are digitally covered by a black rectangle is perhaps evidence of the contrary.

Here's an almost-safe-for-work preview of the masterpiece in question:

Romain Mesnil piles on the self-love on his website.

And Romain Mesnil sponsorship deals are now available on eBay. Seriously.


  1. oh those french and their poles. prince, i love this. i am so glad i can depend on you to find such treasure to brighten my day. it's the music, i tell you. the music makes it.

    and i've been meaning to tell you that the porkchop series is fantastic delightful. except: do you think there's a 12 step group available for those of us who can't get the theme song out of our head?! :)


  2. This totally made my evening. Thank you. Yes, there is a god after all. Even with the annoying black bar, wow. Just. Wooooooooooooooow.