Republican Abs

In February, a Huffington Post reader poll named Congressman Aaron Schock, 27, as the hottest congressional freshman.

Sure, I thought, he's a good-looking guy with a great smile, but I don't beat off to Republicans. However, I have come to realize that I should not make blanket statements.

You see, the fine folks at TMZ have uncovered a real photograph of Schock in nothing but swim trunks, showing off a bod so hot that it could very well revolutionize the Republican party:

Some cursory research on this Baby of the House suggests that he is anti-gay marriage, but I find the following CBS Early Show segment very very very very very eyebrow-raising. Now I don't want to spread rumors, but I have two questions: 1.) what kind of a person says something like, "The last couple of months has been literally like drinking out of a fire hose"; and 2.) when he goes house-hunting, who exactly is that tall handsome black man he's with?—a landlord...or...or...or.... Watch:

Don't you just love politics?

[Thanks to The Bilerico Project for posting the photo.]


  1. Excellent Prince. I've followed this "story", and kinda had the same take you did. Log Cabin anyone?

  2. You make one damn compelling argument, my friend.