Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, April 20, 2009
I know that you were waiting all weekend to hear what I had to say about 17 Again. After all, my unholy obsession with Zac Efron combined with the fact that the film grossed 24.1 million unholy dollars over the past three days exponentially increased the odds that I would have seen the movie by now and would be writing an unholy blog post about it.

But, alas, this post shall be designated a post of disappointment because I didn't make it out to my local cinema at all this weekend. Frankly, the trailer for 17 Again looks iffy, and I cannot let anything—anything—soil my untarnished opinion of Zefron. Going to see this flick is too risky a proposition—that is, until I hear from you, dear readers.

What have you heard about the film? Did you see it yourself? But, most importantly, how many shirtless shots are there? How naked does he get? Is there any good spank material in there somewhere? I mean, is there anything in it that rivals Zefron's near-pornographic musical number, "Scream," from High School Musical 3, in which he writhes on the floor in a tank top, pulls angrily at his clothing, crawls sexily up a staircase, and does a pole dance with ropes? Watch:

Oh, yeah, and it's raining balls!
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  1. Solia Said,

    he's in theatre. he should know it's DANGEROUS to play with the fly rail like that.


  2. diana Said,

    You might not know this, but the guy who does Zach Efron's singing voice? TOTALLY HOT. Totally, totally, hot.


  3. LAP Said,

    Prince. You have to see it. It's very funny and Zac is great. Also suddenly sexy to me thanks to the interplay with Leslie Mann. Part of it might be that Zac does a great job of acting Matthew Perryish too.

    Don't hold back, sir.


  4. Awww, go see it Prince. This is my first Efron viewing, and y'know? I think he's pretty good. I was entertained and actually laughed quite a bit.

    I am totally loving the guy who played his childhood friend, Ned. ;)

    Diana, what? Zach doesn't sing? I'm so confused.


  5. UM. OKAY. If we are comparing THIS film to THAT video, you will definitely like 17 Again. Zach seems to have buffed up quite a bit for the movie.

    :) There. Go see it.


  6. Solia, Zac is a rebel! :)

    LAP and Superbadfriend, thanks for the tip. I will definitely go see it this week then.

    And, yes, Diana is right. Drew Seely is HOT. Here. (He was Zac's singing voice in the first HSM. They started using Zac's actual voice in HSM2.)


  7. Solia Said,

    if i were his stage manager i would FIRE him. haha. he could kill someone!



  8. Eleonora Said,

    Prince! You have to see it. The movie is awesome and Zach is a gifted comedian. I was never a follower of his, never saw HSM but, as an adult, he completely won me over in this film. By the way, one of the actors in the film, Jordan Schatz, is in the upcoming Dry Hump Presents: Keith at The Underground Theater. Hilarious Sketch Comedy group. Check them out! April 30 - May 16th.


  9. amy.leblanc Said,

    have you seen this?


  10. Eleonora and Amy, thanks!


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