Supply and Demand

I have friends in various cities who casually mention that I should bring one of my shows to those respective cities. But without an accurate assessment of demand, I run the risk of performing to near-empty houses, the thought of which makes me want to punch myself in the stomach.

So if you look in the right-hand column of this blog (those of you who read Bamboo Nation in a reader or via e-mail should go directly to the site), you can voice your "demand" for one of my live shows. This will help me keep track.

Exactly what live shows may potentially end up in your town? I'm not going to tell you! Don't you like surprises?!


  1. Isn't this how Kiss is planning their next tour? I would rather see your play than Kiss any day, if that counts for anything.

    COME TO L.A.!

  2. Srew America! Come down to Aussie!! Come come!

  3. and actually there is a place in atlanta that i think you would get a good crowd at, Dad's Garage - check it out.