When Cyberstalking Leads to a Heartwarming Ending

A message to those of you who spend time stalking me online: There's hope for you yet! Never give up! Keep it coming! Though I may react to your rabid online attention with nothing more than icy indifference, a recent article from the New York Times may very well renew your faith in your own stalking power. Alas, the Times reports that a mere commoner has nabbed a blogging princess:

Ann Althouse, 58, is a law professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison who blogs about politics, law and cultural whatnots in a sharp, occasionally ribald tone. She admires Rush Limbaugh, voted for George Bush in ’04 and Barack Obama in ’08. She attracts derision and applause from 500,000 monthly visitors.

The jeers spiked ever since the March 22 announcement on her blog that this divorced mother of two adult sons, stalwartly single for more than 20 years, is engaged to a commenter known simply as “Meade.” Except for her closest readers, the blogosphere was taken by surprise.

The Times article traces their long and charming online courtship, which involved veiled public messages, a date to see The Wrestler, and a secret vacation. It's a fun read.

Read the entire article here.


  1. What a sweet story :) Creepy or not, I think we should all be happy these two have a second shot at being happily married.

  2. *sigh* my life is so dull...

    I think it's cute they got together. Why not?