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Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, May 27, 2009
A German financial institution named Bontrust recently revealed a cool animated commercial that starts out cute, but ends up nasty. Really really nasty. Watch:

[Courtesy of MK.]
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  1. Brenna Said,

    WHAT. That was the single most horrifying thing I have ever seen. Oh, Germany.


  2. Ashley Said,

    So glad to be out of school and have time to read your blog again. Oh, how my life has been empty without your ever so entertaining commentary.

    This video is awesomebly horrible. I love it! Thanks for sharing it.


  3. Patty Hose Said,

    OMG! WTF?!!! I. . . um, um, I, is that what Germans watch on TV? I'm horrified!


  4. jterry Said,

    Well now we know what really goes on at the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. It's also a nice theory about where inflation comes from.


  5. Astonishing. And I have to hand it to the Germans for knowing precisely how financial institutions think.


  6. Peter Varvel Said,

    Talk about compounding assets!


  7. What? Nobody thought this was erotic?


  8. Erotic would be if those babies were in my bank account.


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