Dude on Webcam Cries Like a Baby, and Then Keyboard Cat Plays Him Off

Okay, so for what seems like a couple years now, people have been inserting shots of Fasto, The Keyboard Cat (see earlier post), into totally unrelated videos. At the end of each of these videos, Keyboard Cat "plays them off." There's a whole site dedicated to the mash-ups: go here, if you must.

In one of the more recent mash-up videos, which didn't seem to be on the aforementioned site, a guy gets chewed out by his father and mother for crying on his webcam before Fasto plays him out. Watch:

[Courtesy of Golfwidow and Will Blank.]


  1. I'm at once torn between thinking this is terrible parenting and the intervention of a truly caring father.

  2. "You don't understand!"

    "No, YOU don't understand!"

    this sounds like something from a bad teen drama on ABC family

  3. Stan Kang5/29/2009

    Making an ass of yourself for all eternity is something i have always aspired to!

  4. At least he knows how to express his feelings.

  5. gonna have to side with the dad.

  6. "Making an ass out of yourself for all of eternity." A great catch phrase, t-shirt slogan, or title.

    My kid is only four, so his tantrums are not available for download--yet. He did have a 45-minute freak fest in front of the Chase Bank two weeks ago, complete with fist-pounding and sitting in dirt, wailing. So many of my friends saw it, the story ended up on FaceBook.

    Calling your kid "stupid" is shitty parenting, for sure. However, Dad's got a point.