"Little House on the Prairie" in 30 Seconds

I never watched Little House on the Prairie, but this 30-second recap of Sylvia's character arc is pretty funny anyway. Some of you may get it on a deeper level than I do, so enjoy. Watch:

Apparently, there are a series of these 30-second recaps. Search on YouTube.

[Courtesy of Mead Hunter.]


  1. OMG - I was a devout "Little House" fan growing up. This episode terrified me. I'm still scared of white face masks...and clowns...and mimes.

    Albert was totally cute. I miss Albert.

  2. That was the awesome. Definitely hit the rev-limiter on my personal nostalgia meter.

  3. Holy cow, that was GREAT (and I LOVED Albert)! How to summarize a 44-minute script in 30-seconds -- should be required course for all storytellers!

  4. I watched LHP today! What a coincidence. It was the episode where Edwards is batshit crazy and Pa has to help and ends up bringing Mr. Edwards to Walnut Grove.

    Oh, the clip you showed was one of my favorites. Taught me if you have sex you will be with child.

  5. Okay, ladies, I laughed at this video, but even upon multiple viewings I STILL don't know what the hell happened in that episode. Did she die? Have a miscarriage? What the hell was the guy in the white mask? Who shot who and why? WHAT?! HELP!

  6. OK, so one day while picking wildflowers, Sylvia is raped by the man in the mask. She doesn't tell anyone. Then she and Albert fall in love, but of course, she's pregnant!

    Albert feels betrayed, and Mrs. Olson spreads the rumor that Adam is the father. Eventually Adam and Sylvia get back together, and decide to run away, get married and raise the baby. Adam gets a job with the blacksmith--who turns out to be the rapist.

    It all ends in a super-scary scene in an abandoned barn, where Sylvia falls from a rafter trying to escape the mime/blacksmith. Sylvia's father shoots the mime, but it's too late for poor Sylvia. On her death bed, Albert lies to her, telling her she'll be fine, and promises her a church wedding. They kiss. She dies.

    Let me tell you, that barn scene traumatized me, which is probably why I remember the episode so well.

    The only other episode I remember with as much clarity is Albert's morphine addiction. Equally disturbing, and formative. Lord knows I never walked alone in a field of wildflowers, or hung out with kids who were hooked on morphine. Mission accomplished, Michael Landon.

  7. Annie, thanks for the summary. That. Is. Horrifying. I can't believe that was a family TV show! Jesus Christ, if I saw that as a kid, I would've been scarred for life!

  8. maybe LHP will be your new replacement until Jack is back? xo