"Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus"

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, May 29, 2009
"No, no," you will cry, "this movie trailer can't possibly be real!" But, oh, it is real. And it stars both Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson. Yes, that Debbie Gibson. Watch:

[Courtesy of MK.]
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    that looks fucking awful


  2. splattworks Said,

    Stunned silence, followed by, in Keanu Reeves voice: "Dude...."


  3. Vic Chao Said,


    you know who's the third lead in that movie behind Deborah and Lorenzo? yeah, that's right--your friend and mine, Vic Chao. (somebody keeps mucking with imdb which is why i'm listed 7th right now, but i'm getting that changed; i'm definitely third lead) i'm playing Dr. Seiji Shimada. and i gets to make out with Deborah! yeah. the awesome awesomeness of this film cannot be underawesomestimated. let the B-movie B-gin!

    Btw, i've got some set pix up at http://vicchao.com/On_The_Set/Pages/Mega_Shark.html


  4. diana Said,

    I am TOTALLY seeing that! When does it come out? I love how the SF Bay is apparently deep enough to hold a shark that can leap 30,000 feet into the air.


  5. Vic is in it?! OMG!

    I seriously put it in my Netflix queue, but it has "Very Long Wait" status. Everybody wants a piece!


  6. michael_karo Said,

    that's what she said.


  7. Marisela Said,

    That's totally going to be on the Sci Fi channel. I should know, I watch all sorts of crappy B-rated sci fi movies. Right now I'm watching Monster Ark.

    And the Golden Gate Bridge! Oh noes!


  8. michael_karo Said,

    and don't call her debbie, she will cut a bitch!


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