Pinch Me; This Must Be a Bad Dream

The following movie trailer is for a real film that is currently available on DVD. It's called Tiptoes, and you will swear up and down that this Matthew McConaughey/Kate Beckinsale flick must be some kind of joke, some sketch on SNL or something, but I'm telling you this is real. Even the part where the announcer says, "And in the role of a lifetime...Gary Oldman." Watch:

[Thanks to Gabriel Fleming for sending me this.]


  1. looks like it went to one film festival and then straight to DVD. ouch.

    looks awful.

  2. I'm surprised that entire cast didn't try to have it buried after it was made. Oh, well, the wonders of Hollywood....

  3. WOW!! They were trying way too hard! Damn! They needed to take it down about 20 notches.

  4. Was she really on her knees getting ready to blow him... in the TRAILER?

  5. Anonymous5/16/2009

    I honestly didn't think it looked much worse than any other Hollywood Oscar-whoring film -- e.g., Seabiscuit or I Am Sam.

  6. I think it's the voice-over that puts this trailer over the top. Who does voice over trailers these days? Unless it's some sort of action movie.

    BTW, Prince, I saw Star Trek and have a huge crush on Spock.

  7. Maybe it is the role of a lifetime because Gary is playing a dwarf?



    maybe it is because of who ends up with the hottie.

  8. Patty and Will, well, ya know, they really have to try hard to sell dwarf romantic comedies. So they have to pull out all the stops.

    Anonymous, so true.

    Marisela, he seems so your type. :)

    Superbadfriend, I read your spoiler. You ruined the movie for me. I was going to make a weekend of it! (Just kidding, ha ha.)

  9. omg

    no, really. omg.

    however, it does have peter dinklage in it, so....