Pizza and Terrorists

The final moments of Season Seven of 24 (now available on DVD!) was met with mild groans of disappointment at the 24 Season Finale Pizza Party here in my apartment last night, which was a surprise since everyone has been loving this season with the fervor of a crack ho who's just been offered a free hit. (FYI: Richie Palmer Pizzeria: Best. Pizza. Ever. Locations in Glendale, Santa Monica, and a few select places around the country. Read more about it here.) So I must leap into action to point out all the great things about this season's final two hours:


  • I was the first to roll my eyes when the Kim-is-going-to-get-kidnapped-again subplot emerged a few episodes ago. But this storyline thankfully didn't get dragged out, and it resolved itself pretty quickly by unleashing an airport gun battle that was one of the action highlights of the year. Then, Kim delightfully turned badass after yelling "dammit!," chased down her would-be captor, made his car flip over, and caused him to burn to death. (The straight guys at my party also appreciated the fact that, when Kim ran, there was plenty of jiggle action.... Pigs!) People tend to snicker at Kim's appearances, but I think she found sweet redemption last night.
  • Not only did Olivia Taylor get her much-deserved comeuppance, it's facilitated by her mother, the President of the United States, who turned Olivia into the authorities for her evil deeds. And Olivia's downfall was initiated by Aaron Pierce and Ethan Kanin, working together with determination and grace. Yes, Olivia Taylor was a real bitch, and it was fun to see her go down.
  • Chloe and Janice's final bittersweet exchange.
  • Jack's terrific speech about torture and consequences to a crying Renee.
  • Tony's crazy-mad justification for going bad.
  • Jack's quiet moments with a Muslim holy man.
  • Alan Wilson's cocky half-smile.
  • Renee wrestling with her conscience, handcuffing Janice, and deciding to beat the shit out of Alan Wilson...or did she?
  • The source of the pizza party groans, I believe, was because this season did not end on a cliffhanger or a final twist. Instead, it offered a bit of closure, which, in itself, is a big surprise. In a season full of wild turns, multiple conspiracies, and horrible deaths, I think it was a good (and satisfying) choice to end on a period rather than a dot dot dot.


There's much more to come, of course, when Season Eight (the final season?) begins next January. For those of you who want to catch up on Season Seven on DVD, do it now before I start dropping spoilers without warning!


  1. I also loved the season finale, especially the airport scene with Kim. That was definitely Kim's finest moment ever! But I thought Olivia's comeuppance was bittersweet because it hurt her parents, and because Jonas really deserved to die, so she's getting punished for one of her lesser misdeeds. BTW, am I the only one who thinks the First Husband is ridiculously hot? I thought there was a pleasant homoerotic subtext between him and the young Secret Service agent who tried to kill him.

  2. William, alas, the first husband does nothing for me--but that evil Secret Service agent was oh-so-spankable!

  3. great idea prince, a 24 knock off/mock off spanking video ;-)

  4. seriously though, they had better let jack die this time. how many freaking lives does that man have? hell, cats have fewer lives... unless he is the good terminator... hmm i wonder...

  5. Aaron, they can't let Jack die! After the series ends, I'm going to demand "24" movies!!!!!

  6. I was disappointed at first, but only because I was expecting a twist. So yeah. It was nice to have everything wrapped up nice and neat in a perfect bow for a change.

    Or is it?