"Rudo y Cursi": Nice Balls

After Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal's delightfully ribald antics in Y Tu Mamá También (a movie that is simultaneously a work of art and a continued source of spank material), the prospect of a big screen reunion of these real-life Mexican actor friends pumped me full of wide-eyed anticipation (and pumped me elsewhere as well). And holy fuck, Rudo y Cursi, the funny and sad and joyous debut film from Carlos Cuarón (who co-wrote Y Tu Mamá with his brother, Alfonso, that film's director) really delivers.

This story of two hick-ish half-brothers' rise to soccer stardom in Mexico give Luna and Bernal the opportunity to paint a hilarious yet heartbreaking portrait of sibling rivalry—not quite as fierce as Cain and Abel, but sparks do fly, Telemundo-style. As delirious and absurd as Rudo and Cursi's quick ascent to sports stardom is, the movie doesn't deliver one false note, instead offering us characters who may wear their hearts on their sleeves but possess hidden depths—layers of complexity that say as much about family and human nature as they do about money, fame, and the gifts and curses that come with having dreams.

And for all you fellow perverts out there, Rudo y Cursi contains two locker room shower scenes that will have you swooning for weeks.

By the way, take a look at the original version of the movie poster (top) and the American version (bottom). See the difference? (Click to enlarge.) Man, we live in a country of prudes.

Finally, Rudo y Cursi is in no way a "gay" movie, but, as you know, I have a knack for turning anything gay. But for an actual gay soccer-themed film, try the 2004 German comedy, Guys & Balls, available on DVD. I wrote about it last year.


  1. Fight you for Gael!

  2. Mine, mine, both of them, mine!

  3. The poster change is pretty shocking... wouldn't have thought twice about the original poster if they hadn't changed it.

    The logic they probably followed: 1. people don't know what "Rudo" means. Could just be a foreign name... which leads into: 2. Americans generally don't grab their crotches at people unless they are Michael Jackson.

    I can see why they did it... one of those things where you want to be safe rather than sorry. But still, lame.

  4. "Americans generally don't grab their crotches at people unless they are Michael Jackson."

    Actually, Will, I do this all the time. All. The. Time.