Attack of the Killer Penis

The comedy/horror movie, "One-Eyed Monster" (2008), stars porn legend Ron Jeremy and his killer penis.

I never saw the indie horror movie, Teeth, because the thought of a vagina with fangs that bites off men's penises makes me think that waterboarding ain't so bad. As a filmgoer, I'm not so sure how much more acceptable is the comedy/horror B-movie, One-Eyed Monster (2008), a film that kills off roly-poly porn legend Ron Jeremy early on...only to have his detached penis come to life and slay people in unique ways. (And I use the terms "comedy" and "horror" very loosely.) Yes, the movie is readily available on DVD, but I don't think I can handle watching anything that depicts penises—oh, glorious penises!—as things of evil. Watch the trailer:

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  1. Now how far down the toilet must one's acting career be to accept a role in that film?! Not something to be proud to have on a resume!

  2. Maybe the penis is evil, but at least it's smart: It knows Morse code!

  3. Anonymous2/08/2010

    perfect movie..if they can make movies about vaginas cutting off penises witch is totally uncalled for ..finally a penises hurting women

  4. Anonymous4/24/2015

    This movie is a must-have for ANY self-respecting middle-aged man!