"Get Your Mouth Away (From My Dick)"

To fully appreciate a video I will be posting later in the week, you need a little context. It all begins with a song called "Get Your Mouth Away (From My Dick)." The guy who wrote and sings the song insists that it is not meant to be funny. You know what that means, right? It's fucking hilarious! What's supposed to be a serious, spiritual, soul-searching tune about caution and regret has become a guffaw-worthy viral video. Watch:

[Courtesy of Kate B.]


  1. this dude should go on Britain's got talent - he'd blow Susan Boyle out of the water. Too bad he's not British.

    That part at the end where he starts to basically yell the lyrics - priceless.

  2. If his art can save just one young Christian from the the lips of just one heathen temptress, it will all have been worth it.