I Like That Ryan Reynolds Likes Being Naked

I took my mom to see The Proposal this weekend under the pretense that it was a chick flick she would enjoy and that it was something I would graciously suffer through for her. "It's a romantic comedy, and you like romantic comedies," I explained to her. "Sandra Bullock plays a she-bitch of a boss who forces her hot underling to marry her in order to escape deportation! And it has Betty White in it!"

After the film, which she enjoyed and laughed lots during (I know my mother so well), she cornered me in the theater. "Why did you want to see that movie?"

I sighed. "Because of Ryan Reynolds! I love Ryan Reynolds!"

"I thought so!" she declared triumphantly. (She knows me so well.)

Yes, I enjoyed the movie too, but on a whole different level. I've seen more Ryan Reynolds movies than I should (Van Wilder: check! The Nines: check! Chaos Theory: check! Etc.) because not only is he incredibly hot (Ryan Reynolds, will you father my children?) but he is also a perfectly charming and expressive comic actor with impeccable timing. And he's one of those people who is smarter than you expect (magazine interviews: check!).

Anyway, The Proposal is a pleasant and surprisingly funny chick flick (wish fulfillment for career women with cougar impulses), even as it hurdles toward an implausible—no, preposterous—ending. I suspect, however, that what you think about how the story resolves itself falls along gender lines.

But I don't have the patience to think it though too much. I have the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, so I'll be busy for a while. Thank you once again, Entertainment Weekly, for producing some of the best pornography on the market!


  1. Now hold on! I remember reading you wanted to make babies with Zac Efron - and you have a photo of your first one. OMG, when did you two break up? Is it really over? Or have you found greener grass?

  2. Anonymous6/23/2009

    I love Ryan Reynolds, too!

  3. I am an adulterous whore.