Koalas and a Big Fat Helping of Cute

Koalas are not very social creatures, especially when it comes to humans, but a heatwave in Australia earlier this year forced the furballs out of hiding and into the suburbs to go begging for water. A collection of photos depicting koalas buddying up with water-dispensing humans or taking matters into their own hands has been doing the rounds online, and it just hit my inbox. These pictures are so cute that you might actually throw up:

[Courtesy of Superbadfriend.]


  1. Some of these might have been the result of the bushfires a few months back. I hate seeing animals suffer.

    I'll be heading Down Under in October and driving through that area between Canberra and Melbourne. I'll see how bad the burn damage was.

  2. I believe they were after the fire, just in time for a heat wave. Koalas get most of their water from the Eucalyptus Leaves. Poor little darlings. *sigh* Incredibly heartbreaking. They are just so damn cute.

  3. I believe only dogs could hear the high pitched screech I just emitted in response!