The Power of One

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, June 15, 2009
If you can stomach the shaky camera work in the following video, then you will be justly rewarded. The place is some outdoor concert in a park or field somewhere. The focus of attention is a guy who dances crazily on the grass by himself. It's kind of embarrassing, really, but then another guy joins in and then another. Soon, the individual joie de vivre of a dude with no shame becomes contagious. Alas, this is the evolution of a dance party. Watch:

If I were there, I of course would've been the sole holdout, sitting stubbornly with my arms crossed. "Harumpf!"

[Courtesy of Will Blank.]
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  1. Did the second guy end up rolling down the hill after attempting a cartwheel? He fell out of frame for a while. I was just wondering.


  2. Misty Harris Said,

    Damn dirty hippies. lol


  3. That just made my morning. Thanks.


  4. I love how all those people run to join the dance party. Oh, how delightful!


  5. K Said,

    This makes me unbelievably happy. How fun :) Delightful indeed.


  6. Madley Said,

    That was incredible. I can't stop smiling!


  7. i hope my wife watches this and realizes my dancing is really not that bad - well when compared to this...


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Haha the guy that started that dance was from Calgary, Canada it was front page the next day in the paper.


  9. Anonymous, thanks for the tip! I interviewed the guy--the post will be up soon!


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