Why Was This Clip Never Featured in "Girls Gone Wild"?

First of all, the following video clip is totally not safe for work. A news reporter and a cameraman are doing woman-on-the-street interviews about bilingualism in Canada. A crazy high lady struts up to the duo and proceeds to do a jaw-dropping striptease that throws the cameraman into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Watch (if you dare):

I believe in "equilibrium" too. But I don't believe I will ever recover from watching that video.


  1. Sterling6/18/2009

    I think that Bertha (for lack of a better appellate) is ignorant of the meaning of the word "little". That was more than a "little high". More than a little disturbing, as well.

  2. Oh, my. Well, that was a very Mardi Gras moment, wasn't it?

    What was her point, do you think?

  3. That double-plop you just heard was my eyeballs falling out.

    That scrabbling noise you heard after that was Porkchop batting them under your bed.

    Next time you dust, if you find them, can you give them back? I'll need them for watching your next evil presentation. Thank you.

  4. Oh, you all don't find this erotic?