This is actual testimony from a City Council meeting in Santa Cruz, California. I think I know what she's talking about, and I think I'm on her side, but I was too distracted from laughing so hard. Does that make me a bad person? Watch:

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  1. Isaac Hale Said,

    Hahaha. LOL, what?


  2. "and we can make things and put them in a store..."


  3. jterry Said,

    I haven't seen any slaves on the east coast in about 140 years, but I'll be on the lookout.

    Who said local government was ridiculous?


  4. Misty Harris Said,

    This answers the question of whatever happened to Miss Teen South Carolina; she apparently gained a few pounds, dyed her hair brown and started attending city council meetings.


  5. The guy in the white sweatshirt seemed to be highly intrigued. All I could do was look at her boobs.

    Misty, where the hell have you been? Oh, and just because I rep SC I've gotta say this one thing to you- fuck you.


  6. Misty Harris Said,

    Lolz on all accounts, MDA.

    Sorry for my lapsed commenter status. I will try to do better but make no promises since we Canadians are only really granted about one month of summer; got to make the most of the sun while we have it!


  7. Can someone please make a dance remix of this?!


  8. Misty Harris Said,

    Now there's an idea!!!


  9. There's a little bit of Molly Shannon in there.


  10. I can't believe I missed this before.

    I am really mad, because, like I was on the east coast, once, and, you know, I ate stuff that grew there and I bought there, even though it wasn't free. But, what I want to say is that I didn't get any slaves with the stuff that grows there. Not one and, so, next time I go to the farmer's market I'm going to ask for one.


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