Channing Tatum: Shirtless Again!

You know how much I love Channing Tatum, so it will come as no surprise to you that the new issue of GQ, which features Channing on the cover and a photo spread inside, has already been abused by me so many times that it might try to run away and seek solace in a police station or a shelter and require therapy in order to recover.

Anyway, when the magazine appeared on my doorstep, I started to panic. On the cover, Channing is looking very handsome in a shirt and tie, but I was worried that GQ wouldn't have any nude or at least half-naked pictures. But I opened up the magazine and I instantly remembered that he likes being in various states of undress. (He can't resist the power of my gaze—or is that the power of my "gays?") Click pics to engorge, er, I mean, enlarge (what is he bouncing that ball off of?!):


  1. Okay for some reason, the 5th photo with him by the bathtub is the sexiest to me.


    The last one is kinda....trashy.

  2. In my world, "trashy" is hot. :)

  3. oh god so hotttt i love him!!!

  4. Anonymous6/01/2012

    ah hot sexy adorable everything!