In Oder Aus

Most of you know that I cannot wait to see Bruno (I was a big fan during his days on Da Ali G Show) and I've had to satiate my anticipation by visiting the hilarious Bruno MySpace page over and over again. (Turn up the sound and groove to the quintessentially gay techno beat of "In Oder Aus.") I want to see the movie even more now because Bruno creator Sacha Baron Cohen shocked the world the other night when he appeared on the David Letterman himself! (This is the man who would only show up as Borat on the talk-show circuit when that feature was released a couple years ago.) Anyway, Cohen (who is incidentally way easy on the eyes) chats about how he tried to land Bruno an interview with a real-life terrorist. Watch:

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  1. I agree.

    I've loved him from way back when w/ Ali G. - but, yeah. Cohen is very, very easy on the eyes.