Pet's Eye View?

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, July 29, 2009
I was at Target the other day, and the lady in front of me was buying something called Pet's Eye View Camera, a digital device (on clearance!) that you hang around your cat or dog and that snaps pictures from their point of view at regular intervals.

Do people find this interesting? Would you be interested in me hanging a camera around Pork Chop's neck so that you can see what he sees while he's taking a crap and such?

I was reading some reviews of the product online, and it seems that once your pet dunks the camera in water when taking a drink then that's the end of it. But perhaps it will be fun while it lasts?
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  1. Misty Harris Said,

    Given the proclivities of most dogs, you'd probably just end up with a bunch of photos of their genitalia being licked. Not really something for the family albums -- though I suppose that might depend on whuch state you're from.


  2. How big is that thing? Looks like it'd be overwhelming for kitties that aren't...hefty, like some (ahem)


  3. jterry Said,

    Pork Chop shits? I thought his size was due to one helluva case of constipation.


  4. Bill Said,

    I was worried you were going to put it on Loren. You KNOW he would end up spilling water (or liquor) on it.


  5. Yes. Put it on Pork Chop. Will be fun to see his perspective on things.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    I don't think Pork Chop's view would all that interesting, due to his sedentary lifestyle.


  7. I'm going to put it on Pork Chop, then Loren, and then me, and it'll be a competition to see who takes better pictures.


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