Pork Chop Behind the Scenes [001]

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, July 24, 2009
I just thought you might like to know what Pork Chop is up to today. Watch:

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  1. JSH Said,

    That's either the most tolerant or the laziest cat of all time. In any case, he's inspired me to go take a nap.


  2. mr jp Said,

    hahahaa, you're so silly, prince gomolvilas.


  3. Pork Chop is gonna haul off and slap you while you are sleeping. ;)

    So cute, Prince.


  4. narrioch Said,

    Apart from my friend and me, you're the only person I've heard use 'lounging' in connection with their cat! I love the way he wags his tail in response to your questions; he's more intelligent than you give credit for.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Did you give him a muscle relaxant or something?


  6. Anon's questing cracked me up! Haha!


  7. That was a monumental waste of time. Thank you.


  8. jterry Said,

    It kind of looks like Pork Chop ate a Butterball sometime recently. Post-turkey coma?


  9. By the way, what I didn't get on camera was Pork Chop trying to bite the shit out of my finger after a while.


  10. I love how much Pork Chop trusts you even though you're jabbing him in the face over and over and over. He's such a huggy boy!


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