Reporter Bitch-Slaps Man on the Street

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Look, you can't do proper man-on-the-street interviews when there's a drunk guy in the way. So smack him! (I love the looks of faint horror on the anchorwomen after the offending slap. Ha ha ha ha ha!) Watch:

[Courtesy of Will Blank.]
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  1. That was hardly a slap. And from the condescending look Miss Anchorwoman gave, drunk guy isn't the only one that needs a quick one to the face.


  2. Will Said,

    Youtube took it down, but I found another link to it here:


  3. Michael, you're so butch!

    Will, thanks!


  4. Yeah, that was hardly a tap from the reporter. Dude should have hauled off & clobbered Mr. Drunky McDouchbag.


  5. probably reason #1 that i don't drink: don't even want to be associated by drunkenness with douchebags like that. and drunk people think they're HIGHlarious, but they're only funny to other drunk people and in clips like this. give his assholery, the reporter was fairly restrained. my brother is a cbs reporter and i hear lots of stories of people interfering


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