Same-Sex Shenanigans Performed by Nearly ALL Animals

Did you know that The Bilerico Project, the site I regularly contribute to, was named as a "must-read" blog by The Washington Post? And The Advocate just called it a "top political blog?" That's excellent! It makes me come across as highly intelligent and concerned about social issues! It makes me more deceptive than the Decepticons!

Well, I just wrote a new post for The Bilerico Project.

Read "Same-Sex Shenanigans Performed by Nearly ALL Animals."


  1. Anonymous7/06/2009

    Will you marry me, Prince Gomolvilas?

  2. How much is your dowry worth?

  3. Careful Anon, I'll cut a bitch if you start poaching my Prince... It's not every day you get to consort with royalty.

    Seriously though, you do realize we brought you on board so I had some company with my rather low-brow posts too. I couldn't be the only one! :)

  4. Bil, you must share me! "Bang" is always better when preceded by "gang!"