The Wonders of the 21st Century

Every few months or so, I talk to someone or hear about someone who has just discovered the wonders of Google Reader and praises it effusively, and I'm struck with surprise once again that everybody who reads blogs and/or news online regularly doesn't already use it. Google Reader is a free service that consolidates all your online reading into one handy place on the Web. So get out of the Dark Ages (Rome fell during that time, and you don't want to be associated with that, do you?), look at the following handy video that explains Google Reader and "feeds" in simple terms, and, of course, make sure Bamboo Nation is the first blog you "subscribe" to (click here for my feed url). Watch the video:

Do it, aspiring nerds!


  1. WHOA! What's this? Must investigate this new convenient feature. Thanks!!!

  2. I've been using Google Reader for a good while now (for work and play) thanks to you.