Cat Rescues Man in Burning Home

A sleeping man in Berkshire, England, may very well have burned to death if a neighbor's cat hadn't been aware of the fire that had broken out, detected black smoke, and proceeded to claw at the man's face after climbing through the bungalow's cat-flap. Hugo, the cat, is a hero of feline proportions!

Read the article and see video of Hugo on the BBC News site.

I'm sure Pork Chop would try to save me too in a similar situation—only he'd likely sit on my face, causing me to suffocate to death. But it's the thought that counts.

[Thanks to Narrioch at Torschlusspanik!!]


  1. That's why cats are wonderful.

    I just got back from Key West. I got to see a bunch of six-toed cats at the Hemingway House. How many toes does Pork Chop have?

  2. Sounds like the cat thought he was dead already and was trying to eat him.

  3. Mike, Pork Chop is a Hemingway cat!

    Misty, you're describing Pork Chop.