Dude Goes to Europe and Girlfriend Doesn't Know It

The following video is a tad on the long side (as you know, anything over 2:30 minutes makes me want to slam my head against the desk), but it's worth it. An American guy often told his girlfriend about a backpacking trip that he was going to be taking in Europe. Amazingly, the girlfriend never really listened to him, and it never registered in her brain that he was leaving. This video is the series of e-mails that she sent him while he was away, charting the disintegration of a perfectly good relationship (or was it?). Watch:

This guy has a blog, by the way:jdsmanstories.blogspot.com.

[Thanks to Will Blank.]


  1. Dude. I don't even know what to say. But dude!

  2. I believe that "laters babers" is sufficient grounds for dumping someone, regardless of anything else.

  3. I'd probably freak out if the guy I was seeing suddenly stopped returning e-mails and calls for two weeks - BUT, I'd like to think I'd know he was going away in the first place. I try to listen when my SO is talking.