Help These Children (After All, I Believe the Children Are Our Future--Kind of Like Nanotechnology and Weapons That Will Help Us Kill Robots)

You may catch me sneering at children on the street and making them cry, but I don't hate kids. I really don't. Proof? Here:

On occasion, I am afforded the opportunity to contribute to projects that are set up on The site is a fully monitored place where public school teachers can set up funding requests for a variety of projects, and once the monetary goal is reached then delivers the materials to the school.

For example, I was the first person to donate to a high school in Colorado whose students wanted to take a field trip to see Wicked, which most likely will be these kids' first experience with theater. (The project description itself made me tear up. Seriously.) The funding goal was then met after American Idol contender Adam Lambert talked up the site and his fans rallied around this particular cause.

But here's the thing. If a project doesn't reach its funding goal by the deadline (each project is allotted a certain amount of time to do so), then all contributions are credited back to the donors and the project gets thrown out.

This is on the verge of happening with another project that I was the first to donate to. Some low-income middle students in Chicago want to go to the Chicago Symphony, which at the very least will allow them to experience the arts at a young age and at the very best will perhaps inspire them to tap into their own creativity. The project just needs to earn $288 more to meet its goal; otherwise, it's over!

If everyone who reads this blog on a daily basis gave just $1 (you can give just $1!), the project will be fully funded. Remember when some of you rallied around a theater-books project a couple years ago? Well, please consider doing it again.

Read more about this project and contribute here.

After that, if you're feeling rather generous today, consider donating to one of Robert's projects. As you may know, he teaches low-income middle school students in Los Angeles, and they need flash drives and laptops.

Thank you for your consideration. For the love of Christ, it's for the children!

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