I Will Write You a Letter of Recommendation

In The Silence of the Lambs, Jodie Foster captured a serial killer by getting into the mind of a serial killer. In similar fashion, a certain movie studio knew that they could come to understand 13-year-girls by doing the one thing that would guarantee them results: they contacted me.

For the upcoming movie, Post Grad, which I presume is aimed at the teen-girl set, they created a Recommendation Letter Generator, a perfect summertime time-waster. After you answer a few simple questions, the Generator spits out a letter of recommendation using a complicated and classified algorithm based on your answers. The hundreds of variations of letters were all written by me. You can take the quiz over and over again, and it will spit out a different letter just about every time.

While I of course wanted to write stuff that would be fun for teen girls everywhere, I also wanted to make sure that I could make people just like you chuckle. I know I have succeeded valiantly.

Anyway, the Generator can be accessed on the front page of MySpace today. Go to MySpace and click "Need to Ace that Job Interview?" (after the ad at the top finishes playing) to access the Recommendation Letter Generator and see what I have come up with especially for you. (If you are reading this days after MySpace has taken down the link, then go here.)


  1. Loved it! I'm happy to report that, apparently, rainbows and unicorns materialize when I walk down the street.

  2. It's true! I DO look good in tights!