We haven't had a contest here in a little while, have we? I was looking back at Bamboo Nation's history of contests and was struck by how much great stuff has been given away to readers just like you! This blog's generosity knows no bounds! One of these days: hookers! But, presently, look at what people have won in the past:
  • Theater Tickets to Keith, Retail Value: $30
  • One Pound of See's Candies, Retail Value : $16
  • Theater Tickets to Letters to a Student Revolutionary, Retail Value: $42
  • Theater Tickets to Modern Love, Retail Value $40
  • Theater Tickets to Three Sisters, Retail Value: $80
  • Nuns Having Fun Calendar: Retail Value, $12
  • A Copy of The Geography of Thought, Retail Value: $15
  • Theater Tickets to 99 Cent Only Calendar Girl Competition, Retail Value: $50
  • Second Pair of Theater Tickets to 99 Cent Only Calendar Girl Competition, Retail Value: $50
  • Magazine Subscription, Retail Value: $15
  • Second Magazine Subscription, Retail Value: $15
  • Amazon Gift Certificate, Retail Value: $50
  • Second Amazon Gift Certificate, Retail Value: $25
  • Third Amazon Gift Certificate, Retail Value: $15
  • Fourth Amazon Gift Certificate, Retail Value: $10
  • A Copy of Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra, Retail Value: $10
  • Pop-Up Ancient Egypt Calendar, Retail Value: $10
  • Third Magazine Subscription, Retail Value: $15
  • Wired Magazine Subscription, Retail Value: $10
Well, it's time to do it again!

THE PRIZE: A copy of The Smoking Gun: A Dossier of Secret, Surprising, and Salacious Documents. "From the creators of the highly popular website, The Smoking Gun, a wildly entertaining collection of previously unpublished documents (court transcripts, FBI files, morgue and police reports, etc.) that hilariously illuminate some of the most important, scandalous, or bizarre news stories of recent years."

THE RULES: Leave a comment—any comment—by Monday, August 24, 2009, 11:59 p.m. If you don't have an ID you can sign in with, you can comment anonymously and leave your name or your initials; when I announce the winner, you'll know if you won and all you have to do is e-mail me to claim your prize. I'll put all the names in a bowl or something, and one winner will be chosen at random. Anyone in the world can enter, even those people who have won before.

Free stuff! Yay!
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  1. John Said,

    This got me to thinking, what if you gave away Pork Chop? And what would his retail value be?


  2. I would like to enter the Pork Chop give away contest. ;)

    Does this count as "Leave a comment—any comment?"


  3. PKuo Said,

    I've decided because some of US have bad cases of Male PMS, that you should write about this.

    Plus I get to enter in a contest. :-D



  4. Peter Varvel Said,

    I would like to offer myself up as a Committee of One for the Pork Chop Rescue Project, once the novelty of winning him as a prize wears off and the winner is tired of him.


  5. Sharp Naif Said,

    I love free stuff. I'm sorry that's not more clever, but it couldn't be more honest.


  6. Melvyn Said,

    Count me in! Thanks for running another giveaway.


  7. I guess I shall partake in this giveaway... sounds phun...


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