Pork Chop's Addiction Knows No Bounds

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, August 24, 2009
I keep Pork Chop's big container of catnip on a high shelf, so it is safe from his addicted little paws, and I can ration it out to him according to my own specifications. But I woke up Saturday to this:

Apparently, some time during the night, he had jumped onto my office chair, leaped onto my desk, stretched over to the shelving unit, batted the catnip container onto the floor, jumped back down, wrestled the top off the container, and proceeded to get so stoned that he didn't even know where he was. (I asked.)

It's been two days now, and I have not cleaned up the pile of catnip. I figure, he earned it!
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  1. "Hello. My name is Pork Chop, and I'm addicted to catnip." "HELLO, PORK CHOP!"


  2. Sure, it's ok now that it's only a weekend indulgence. What happens when he's strung out on the street sucking dick for corndogs?

    Think about it.


  3. jterry Said,

    I think it's time for an intervention.


  4. Ashley Said,

    Haha, this made my day!


  5. Cheryl Said,

    At least he got a workout in the process.


  6. John Said,

    There really isn't anything to worry about here, unless he starts freebasing it.

    How long does it take PC to reset to normal after a catnip binge?


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