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Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, August 20, 2009
I had my first faculty meeting at USC today, and I've already been roped into committees and such, which I hope means we meet every few weeks and eat bagels. But if we end up having to do stuff and things, I guess I'm game. After all, do you know how important stuff and things are? Stuff and things are an integral part of so much. Stuff and things must be done!

Look at all the talented people I met! It's a pretty impressive line-up of working writers who are teaching in the program, so I feel like I'm in good company—although, whenever I join a new institution, I always choose one person to be my archnemesis. (Don't you?)

Who shall it be this time? God, I have so much work to do before classes begin.

And, as is apropos of this blog, I would mention the, ahem, "scenery," but that would be inappropriate! I am now a respectable member of society!
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  1. Will Said,

    Dude! I looked at that list... you're in the same roster as Syd Field! That is both crazy and awesome. Bring him to movie group


  2. Syd honestly is the nicest guy. Smart, generous, funny. Also, not as rigidly "structure-oriented" as you think. He's all for breaking the rules, as long as you know what the rules are in the first place.


  3. tim Said,

    I think M.G. Lord should be your archnemesis. There's something kinda awesome about Prince vs. Lord, don't you think?


  4. Bil Browning Said,

    You're the only one I've heard of, so that automatically makes you the diva of the group. In that case, pull a Mariah and hate all of them for not respecting your skinny body and high pitched voice. Plot how to poison them all with arsenic-laced cigarettes and chamomile tea. Maybe go Brittney and smash an umbrella on someone's car even...

    I see possibilities here, my friend.


  5. jterry Said,

    Dear Professor G-o-m-o...ah, screw it:

    With regard to this post's final sentence: ha!

    Best wishes,

    Back row, 4th seat from the left


  6. I think I should bring a pimp cane to the first day of school.


  7. Ashley Said,

    Syd Field?! I bow to you, great Prince.

    Professor Gomolvilas has a nice ring to it, and yes, you should utilize a Pimp Cane. I have one in my office that a patient left behind. It's black, decorated with a red dragon and a blue marble of an eye. It might suit you.


  8. themaykazine Said,

    Ooooh my goodness, I've been so out of the loop on Bamboo Nation happenings. How did I let myself fall by the wayside? Congrats on earning such an esteemed position! And I agree with Tim. MG Lord should be your Voldemort.


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