Welcome Bamboo Nation's First-Ever Regular Contributors! (Aside From Me)

To ensure that Bamboo Nation keeps going at the same fast and furious pace that you're used to (you're so goddamn demanding!), I am very happy to announce that this blog will be taking on two regular contributors for the first time ever! A note to potential naysayers: don't worry—the contributors are known unto me and they're fabulous, and all their posts will be guided by me. I'm not going anywhere—I just want to give my narcissism a little rest.

Was there any doubt that my first new contributor would be Michael DeAntonio, my BFF who was formerly known as the notorious Mike Valentino? Since I love Italian sausage, Michael will be a regular here, and he will be blogging about the video clips I send his way, as well as about provocative topics that we both agree you would enjoy.

While Michael dumped his pseudonym and is now owning up to who he really is, isn't it interesting that my second contributor will be writing under the pen name Soleil McNeill? Soleil is a dedicated Bamboo Nation reader, freelance writer, and experimental filmmaker. We met personally last year and have had some good times. She will be providing her own fresh perspective on videos that I select as well.

Anyway, look for their names at the top of certain posts, and leave them comments to make them feel welcome, would you? Also, dear readers, keep sending me those video links (by e-mail or use the Kontactr form in the sidebar)—I need to make sure these newbies have something to do!

I am so excited that I can hardly suppress my tent pole!

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