Chest Forward, Birthday Boys and Girls!

Disneyland kicked off an amazing birthday promotion this year, which means that once I shook the dollar signs and hearts out of my eyes I signed up and went to the Magic Kingdom last week with a few friends. I got in for free, and, because Brent works Thunder Mountain and the Jungle Cruise, he was able to get Lynnette, Paul, and Will into the park for free too. And because we implemented an elaborate fast-pass system and pulled some strings, we breezed to the front of lines, by passing not only the common folk but also sad-looking people in wheelchairs and crutches. Yes, that's right—disabled people had to respect our authority!

The ticket guy made me wear a big button on my shirt that announced by birthday.

PRINCE: If I wear this, what happens?

TICKET GUY: I can't tell you.

PRINCE: Do I get special treatment? Do people give me things? What do I get?

TICKET GUY: Now if I told you all that, it wouldn't be a surprise.

PRINCE: Do you even know what happens inside the park?

TICKET GUY: I know, but I'm not going to tell you.

PRINCE: Ha-rumph!

For the first several hours, the button yielded nothing! I wasn't getting any kind of preferential treatment, and nobody was giving me gifts. "Wait," I declared to the group. "Is that the surprise?! There is no surprise?!"

Brent suggested that I make my button more noticeable by pointing at it from time to time and clearing my throat with an "ahem." So I then started walking around with my chest far forward and pointed to my birthday button with both fingers. "Ahem...! Ahem...! Ahem...!"

Still nothing. So I forgot about it.

But once I "let go," something petty yet wonderful started happening. People started wishing me happy birthday! Employees who walked by, cashiers at food stands, ride operators would unexpectedly say, "Happy birthday!"

I take being the center of attention over useless Disney throwaway gifts any day.


  1. Hey, what's worse; That somehow I didn't know it was your birthday? Or that you were in Orange County and didn't call?

    Okay, well, fine. Go get your birthday jollies with Goofy, see if I care!

    In any event -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRINCE! (Whoop, whoop!)

  2. hey man, happy belated birthday!

  3. Ahem. You're adorable.