Contest Winners!

Forty-six people wrestled for three books in Bamboo Nation's latest contest, and those who emerged victorious are being announced today—right now, if fact! I selected three winners at random: "Adam," "John," and "Mrs. K." They all win a brand new copy of Mo Willems's You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons: The World on One Cartoon a Day. Congratulations! Winners, e-mail me your mailing address to receive your prize.

I think it's an interesting bunch who won, by the way:

Adam just happened to have left a comment/entry that made me laugh much. He wrote: "There is a hole in my life the size of 'You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons: The World on One Cartoon a Day,' written by Mo Willems. The coincidence is remarkable, and I've been questioning its existence for days, but my carpenter never returns his phone calls."

John, I believe, won last week's contest too (if it's the same John)! What a lucky bastard! (Or shall I say "basterd?")

And many people expressed their undying, borderline psychotic love for Mo Willems, but Mrs. K was the only one who specifically expressed that he was her favorite author.

Hmm, perhaps there's a master plan at work here?

Thanks for entering, everyone! A new contest will be announced later today.


  1. A day late, a book short! Drats! And Mo Willems really is my favorite author, and now is the favorite of all my teachers and students!!!

  2. Does this mean there's a runner up if the prize is not claimed?

    This would be a great time to rig the contest for yours truly! :)